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Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is responsible for the custody and safe keeping of all books, records, maps and papers kept or deposited in his or her office. The Register of Deeds must record or cause to be recorded all documents presented for recording in the order received at the time of delivery. Pertinent information must also be entered in the proper indices for later reference, including the final disposition of the instrument. The Register of Deeds is not held liable for errors contained in the recorded document itself; however, is responsible for any errors in recording. The legal validity of the document is not determined by the Register of Deeds, but by a court of law in a subsequent proceeding.

The Register of Deeds has the power of take acknowledgments, administer oaths, and certify the same by his or her signature. The register of Deeds shall have and keep an official seal that can be engraved or ink stamped and must be used for each certificate.

The Register of Deeds may appoint a deputy for whose acts the register will be responsible. The deputy may not be the County Treasurer, Sheriff, Clerk or Surveyor. If a Register of Deeds is not elected pursuant to Section 32-518, the County Clerk shall act as Ex-Officio Register of Deeds

Examples of Documents filed:
Deeds of Trusts and Mortgages
Reconveyance of Liens
Construction Liens
Federal and State Tax Liens
Death Certificates

A Real Estate Transfer Statement (Form 521) must accompany all types of deeds. Fill-In Form 521 from Department of Revenue